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battlefield monument


The community of Stoney Creek is located on the south shore of western Lake Ontario, just east of Hamilton into which feed the watercoarse of Stoney Creek as well as several other minor streams.  Stoney Creek in 1984 became a city and joined Hamilton community in 2001. It lost its independent status in 2001 as the Provincial Government formally merged Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Glanbrook, Dundas, and Flamborough; called city of Hamilton.  It turned the new multi-million dollar Stoney Creek City Hall into a Stoney Creek Public Library.

Stoney Creek Hamilton Ontario Neighbourhood Ifo




In the 1990s and 2000s residential growth exploded in the west mountain and 1970s and 1980s in the lower city, most of the land mass of Stoney Creek remains agricultural.  According to the 2001 census population of Stoney Creek was 59,327 and when checked in 2006 the population had risen to 62,292.





Battlefield Parkbattlefield PARK STONEY CREEK

If you want to walk into the 1800’s, just need to visit the Battlefield House with its associated museum, monument and park.  This is located near Centennial Parkway and King street and is preserved after the Battle of Stoney Creek during the way of 1812.  You are BATTLEFIELD HOUSE STONEY CREEKable to see the staff dressed up in period costumes and act in the same lifestyle as the 1800s.  Every year there is a re-enactment of the famous Battle of Stoney Creek and it’s held by the Battlefield House.



Bruce Trail

bruce trails

Bruce Trail provides access to Battlefield Park as well as the Devil’s Punch Bowl.  It is marked by a large illuminated cross and offers an excellent lookout for both Stoney Creek and Hamilton.  Devil’s Punch bowl and the large cross were featured in a horror movie in 2006 called “Silent Hill” and in 1998 in the fill called “The Big Hit”.


Confederation Park/Wild Waterworks



Confederation Park is another place to take the family and friends.  The entrance to the park is free and open for long hours in the summer.  You can enjoy you’re the beach, restaurants or late night summer out door club.  Also, Wild Waterworks is located inside Confederation Park with 3 amazing slides, a wave pool and a lazy river.



Annually Stoney Creek hosts both the Winona Peach Festival and the Stoney Creek Flag Festival in the summer making sure of great music, food and crafts.



EASTGATE MALL STONEY CREEKThere are 6 Walmart’s in Hamilton and Stoney Creek has the largest Walmart off of Centennial Parkway.  It used to be located in Eastgate Mall but in 2012, got moved to a larger location.  Eastgate Mall features amazing stores to shop in such as, Winners, Sears, Home Sense, Moores, Peoples Jewelry, Foot locker and much more.  Stoney Creek furniture is known for their amazing and trendy furniture at a reasonable price.



There is plenty of choice to where to dine or take out for the evening; a must is having a night out at the Powerhouse, it is a historic landmark.  Not liking the winter, need a boost of summer; visit Hutch’s where you can taste summer all year long.  It will give you a nice view of the Lake while you enjoy a reasonable priced meal.  You can also fill your craving with different variety of foods, such as: East Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Italian or Mexican.  There is way too many to choose from.  Also available in many stores are Kosher and Halal meats as well.



REDHILL EXPRESSWAYSince land costs were much lower in Stoney Creek than neighbouring Hamilton, Stoney Creek became a centre for light industry, road transportation and commuting residence.  The Red Hill Expressway was opened in 2007 and made commuting to Toronto, Burlington or Niagara much easier.  The Red Hill Expressway joins with Lincoln M. Alexander and Queen Elizabeth Way.  Since the Red Hill opened commuting to different cities has become more convenient.  Along with Ancaster and Waterdown, Stoney Creek is among the BURLINGTON skyway TO STONEY CREEKfastest growing parts of Hamilton.  While working in the GTA, home owners prefer to buy homes at a reasonable price in Stoney Creek and have easy access to get to work by taking the Burlington Skyway.  Either you can drive or take the Go Bus or Go Train.




In Stoney Creek is Mohawk College’s campus that specializes in Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship Research, Resources and Training.  There are 3 spectacular Highschools’ and numerous Elementary schools, both public and private.

Stoney Creek has a wide range of prices for properties, therefore there is a home for everyone.  Here are some price ranges from the past few years.  Market value is always increasing for home owners.


Schools in the Area

Type of School Name of School School Website School Ranking
Secondary Cardinal Newman website rank
Secondary Orchard Park website rank
Secondary Saltfleet School website rank
Elementary Our Lady of the Assumptions website rank
Elementary St Martin of Tours website rank
Elementary Mountain View  website rank
Elementary St Clare of Assisi  website rank
Elementary St. Paul website rank
Elementary Billy Green  website rank
Elementary Immaculate Heart of Mary  website rank
Elementary Our Lady of Peace website rank
Elementary Gatestone website rank
Elementary St. Mark's website rank
Elementary St. James the Apostle website rank
Elementary St. Francis Xavier website rank
Elementary  Janet Lee website rank
Elementary Memorial  website rank
Elementary Collegiate Avenue  website rank
Elementary R. L. Hyslop website rank
Elementary Green Acres website rank
Elementary Eastdale website rank
Elementary Tapleytown website rank
Elementary Lake Avenue website rank
Elementary Mount Albion website rank

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